Games I worked on while I was in school. They're free. Enjoy.

Bossinabox (C++) screenshots installer zipped
coauthors: John Jensen, Habib Loew, Austin McGee

My Senior year game. Originally we were developing a game called Daredevil Zombie Hunter XL but we lost a teammate after the first semester and decided to switch over to a more focused design.

The game is about a boss, a cube ,and you the player. The boss lives inside the cube and tries to damage you by crashing into the walls and attacking the cube. The player spends his time outside the cube gliding around and shooting the boss. As you damage the boss he splits into mini bosses. The goal is simple - destroy all the bosses without running out of health.

Chroma Clash (C++) screenshots installer zipped
coauthors: Chad Hinkle, David Johnson, Jonathon Junker

My Junior year game. Chroma Clash is a 3D territory control / racing game using paint. You drive around and try to put down as much paint as you possibly can on the map before the time limit runs out. You can shoot turrets on the map with paint and they'll help you take over the map.

The game is pretty fun to play for about five minutes but after that it becomes a little mundane. My favorite part is crashing into walls and flying off ramps. I think the game had some potential but we didn't focus on player-player or player-ai interactions enough to realize it.

Ivar's Adieu (C++, Lua) screenshots installer zipped
coauthors: Josh Beeler, Habib Loew

My Sophomore game. Ivar's Adieu is a lighthearted side-scrolling adventure game starring a bearded, harpoon-toting fisherman named Ivar. You control Ivar as he explores the surreal, circular planet he inhabits. The physics engine allows the you to use Ivar's harpoon to interact with the world and its inhabitants in many interesting ways. By attaching the harpoon to objects you can do all kinds of things such as swinging, bashing enemies into walls, and hurling things into orbit.

I think IA was my favorite project at DigiPen. We went into it knowing nothing about physics and came out of it with an awesome physics based game that is a lot of fun to play.

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